History of Jar Openers

A jar opener is a kitchen device which is used to open glass jars. Many people can remove the lids of glass jars by hand. Some people cannot and others prefer to use a jar opener.

A traditional jar opener will have two handles

A traditional jar opener will have two handles, leading up to two concentric grooved rings which can be used to fit different jars. It also sometimes has a device to open a bottle on it.


1950's Gilhoolie Jar and Bottle Opener

The Gilhoolie debuted in 1953.[1] Fuller applied for a United States patent on the Gilhoolie, identified as a "cam operated sliding jaw closure remover", in 1952, and the patent was granted in 1954.[2][3] Although Fuller held more than a dozen patents in the fields of dentistry and golf, the Gilhoolie patent was his only patent for a kitchen device.[4]

For several years, the Gilhoolie was sold through mail order by the Riswell Company of Cos Cob, Greenwich, Connecticut