The Story of MyJarhead

by Stephen Curley, Creator

In 1978 I created this item for my mom who lived alone with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis. She constantly needed assistance opening large vacuum sealed jars and small makeup jars. She wanted an opener that looked good that she didn’t have to search the kitchen for. I researched the items available at the time and all I could find was a round rubber thing that didn’t help at all. I came up with a crude version of this opener that uses leverage and aggressive grip. It worked great and she loved it!
    In 2017 I decided to make an updated version for my wife Beverly and I to use at home. Then I made one for her mom and another one for a friend of hers, both of which gave rave reviews for its ease of use, beauty and effectiveness.
    In 2020 my wife along with others, encouraged me to begin making more and sell them at an affordable price in an attempt to provide help to so many people who suffer with hand pain caused by many different conditions with Rheumatoid Arthritis being the leading cause of pain and weakness in the hands. MyJarhead is made to stand up on a kitchen counter top or hang out on the wall accenting your kitchen décor. No need to search kitchen drawers for an opener and no need to drill holes in kitchen cabinets to mount a piece of junk.
    MyJarhead is engineered to last for many generations.