• instruction to remove jar lid
  • note pad and coffee cup made in tennessee

As easy as slide on twist off - $5 US SHIPPING PER 2 ITEMS

She Needs MyJarhead!

Lady painfully trying to open a jar lid

Recent Customer Review - Judy, TN

Would just like to say a big thank you to your wife, as she
was the one who made this available to everyone who wishes to own a Jarhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is THE
absolutely best jar opener I have ever used!  
I received one for Christmas from my daughter-in-law one year and use it
all the time.  Even sometimes when my husband can't get a jar open for me (when I forget that I have the Jarhead), and my husband has a great grip, so Jarhead to the rescue!

Of course, it all started with you Steve, and I appreciate
your wonderful thoughtfulness to your mother to come up with such a wonderful
gift of opening jars so much easier!

And I thank my daughter-in-law for finding the Jarhead and
making it a gift for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!